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May 18

The “personal massager” of candy bars

Filed under: Treats — posted by Breakup Girl @ 11:33 am

Really? They need to try this hard to market chocolate to women?

(Somewhere, Miss Fling is snickering.)


February 20

Professional tackiness

Filed under: Advice — posted by Breakup Girl @ 9:26 am

The Tacky Factor Day! Tackiness highlighted in blue

Dear Breakup Girl,

I’m a young professional woman establishing my career and I’ve been through enough relationships (good and bad) in the past. Now, I feel uninterested in the dating scene or having a boyfriend at all. I would so much prefer to simply have “lovers” available at a congenial convenience. Many of my friends think I’m being immoral or am in a weird state of relationship denial when I simply have no desire for a heavy emotional commitment. What are your thoughts on this situation? Am I wanting to have my cake and eat it too?

— Single and Happy



October 14

Booty protocol

Filed under: Advice — posted by Breakup Girl @ 7:07 am

From our pals at the Daily Bedpost, advice on minding your booty call manners that you’ll never hear from Miss Fling.

Most people don’t talk about booty calls. That’s part of their appeal: “We don’t have to endlessly com-mu-ni-cate because we’re not in a serious relationship.” People rely on a tacit understanding when it comes to casual sex with their friends and neighbors, and especially their exes. But it’s silly to assume that everyone “understands” the exact same set of personal guidelines. The implicit, unlegislated booty call is a complicated procedure, due to varying agendas, the likelihood of miscommunication, and the chance of emotional intimacy. The smart people know that without rules, there are expectations, and those, by definition, make things messy. Even if you don’t think you have any expectations, that in itself is an expectation: That you not expect anything of me, that you not sleep over, that you not get mad if I don’t call you back. So let’s once and for all manage those expectations with The 25 Rules of the Modern Booty Caller.

Click here for the rest, including this uber-rule: “No matter how casual the set-up, remember that your booty buddy is a human being.”


March 10

“Fling Awakening”

Filed under: Comics — posted by Chris @ 6:03 am

When is a rebound not a rebound? When there’s a rematch with Miss Fling

/Fling Awakening, Page 1



February 11

Previously, on Breakup Girl…

Filed under: Comics — posted by Chris @ 2:01 am

It’s been seven years since BG’s last online adventures, but now the advice and hijinks continue! On February 14th we will start posting (weekly!) what we call The New Adventures of Breakup Girl over the next six months!

The comic strip exploits of Breakup Girl and the gang were revived last year by Lifetime Mobile, who commissioned 28 brand new adventures as part of a 52-week rollout of BG stories on the CELL PHONE. Now, starting Thursday we will be bringing these stories to you on the web!

Because the strips were continuous on Lifetime Mobile, there is no gap between the 1997-2000 run and the new stories; There’s no “where are they now” hilarity or epic “Breakup Girl Returns” plotlines. In the spirit of continuity, here’s where we left off… Remember “Supervillains: A Love Story”–?

Supervillains Page 1



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