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April 20

Sexy Librarians are real!

Filed under: News — posted by Chris @ 9:37 am

A survey of 5,000 librarians found that one in five had had sex in the stacks. Also:

51% said they would pose nude for money.
61% have rented an x-rated movie.
91% have read “The Joy of Sex.”
63% have had sex in a car.

This survey was actually done by Wilson Library Bulletin in 1992, but only released now..

Will Manley circulated the steamy survey, but his bosses refused to print the results and fired him. He posted the results on his blog, 18 years later.

This begs the question, how sexy are librarians in 2010? Bibliophiles share your stories below!

Source: New York Daily News. Read the full story at willmanley.com


June 4

Library of congress

Filed under: Advice — posted by Rose @ 3:36 pm

New Depression dating has had plenty of play in the media this year — dates on a dime, broke and breaking up, yada yada. Here’s the latest: library dates.

Oddly, though, the advice here is to use the library resource for romcoms and sex manuals. But just like you bookworms, I’m thinking the obvious: why not hit the libe ON a date? (Was my alma mater the only college where sex in the stacks was a graduation requirement?)

I’m not advocating public fornication. (No really, I’m not.) But I honestly like the idea of browsing the stacks together, trailing your hands across weathered spines, just talking ’bout books. And, okay, I really like the idea of gleaning a few roleplay ideas from that buttoned-up bookstress seated straight-backed at the desk.


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