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May 27

Now at MSN.com: Could a 10-year pine end in a 1-night stand?

Filed under: Advice — posted by Breakup Girl @ 6:00 am

Here, your weekly installment of Ask Lynn, BG’s alter ego’s column at MSN.com (powered by Match.com). This week, we meet Confused and In Love, who says she has been in love with “Mr. Right” for ten years, since high school.



Turns out he’s been away for most of those ten years. And: when he showed back up, they hooked up. Umm, is that good or bad? Especially considering he didn’t call? Get the gories here — and then come back to comment!


May 26

“Teaming Up”

Filed under: Comics — posted by Chris @ 7:48 am

Can this dynamic duo keep it professional?

Teaming Up, Page 1



May 23

Marrying the one you love in 1967: not as simple as black & white

Filed under: News — posted by Amanda @ 2:00 pm

The New York Times ran a piece last week about the 1967 court case aptly named Loving v. Virginia, and indeed, it was obvious the state in question (“Virginia is for CERTAIN lovers”?) was trying to control whom its citizens could and could not love — or, at least, whom they could or could not marry.

The case centered on Mildred and Richard Loving, a black woman and a white man arrested and banished (like Romeo in Act III!) from Virginia for the “crime” of being married. It’s odd to think a country that may very well elect its first black president once — not that long ago — had laws prohibiting interracial marriage in 40 states. The Supreme Court ruling in the Loving case, according to the Times, “underscored the stupidity and unfairness of segregation” and “drew back the curtain on the secret history of race in the South.” Mildred Loving, who died this month, maintained that the two were married because they were in love, and chose not to fight a civil rights battle. Looks like their love ultimately won the war.


I’m a hottie, you’re OK

Filed under: News,Psychology — posted by Rose @ 10:00 am

Having once seriously dated a fantastic, and fantastically ugly, guy, I have developed the following fugly-guy philosophy: You have to feel in your lusty places that your man is, like, the hottest guy in the world. In your head, however, you may acknowledge that he is perhaps the hottest guy in the world only according to you.

A recent study about the relative physical attractiveness of spouses seems, at first glance, to bolster my theory, stating that hot-wife/not-so-hot hubby couples often feature the most mutual encouragement and support.



May 22

The rainbow party’s over

Filed under: News — posted by Breakup Girl @ 9:36 am

Via Broadsheet:

You know how teens have oral (or, wow, anal) sex instead of SEX sex in order to maintain that they are “technical” virgins? (As in, “I did not have sex with that hockey player”?)

Well, turns out the grown-ups had it wrong. Again.



Obligatory Idol post #2

Filed under: News,TV — posted by Breakup Girl @ 3:46 am

BG loves David Archuleta, but she LURRRVVES David Cook! Yeehaw!


May 21

No date, no prom

Filed under: News — posted by Breakup Girl @ 1:24 pm

Oh, that’s a GREAT idea. I assume the prom theme is not “Self-Esteem.”


Insert “love should be like baseball” metaphor here

Filed under: Psychology,Treats — posted by Rose @ 10:12 am

An image stuck in my head since last week: Cardinals vs. Brewers, bottom of the fifth, Cards down 7-1. Evidently frustrated Cards catcher Yadier Molina throws a verbal hissy about the ump’s latest call. Right quick, the two start jawing at one another nose-to-nose, like they do in movies about baseball or commercials for chewing gum.

Molina gets ejected, natch, at which point Cards manager Tony LaRussa saunters over to take Molina’s place up the ump’s nostrils. While Molina makes a big show of tossing his catcher’s gear at the umpire’s feet, LaRussa is likewise ousted from the game.

I cringe to admit that the scene reminded me of some knock-down-drag-outs I’ve had with exes. I’m sure at some point, I’ve tried to pull off some histrionic bit like Molina’s aggro-sarcastic gear-shedding. And yet? I’m oddly jealous of him and LaRussa.

Why? Because Molina and LaRussa will get to keep their well-paying jobs as professional sports guys. Even though what they did was counterproductive to the task at hand (you know, winning a baseball game) nobody on their team is going to hold a grudge, as even guys who play baseball for a living recognize that it is, after all, just a baseball game, just a bad flare-up in a season that’s 120 games or so long.

Being in a relationship, by contrast, pays zero dollars, can take an awful lot of work — and, at those unfortunate times when you do work yourself up into a bat-hurling moment, there’s no third-party commissioner to assign you a measly wrist-slap of a fine before everybody just moves on.

Can anyone tie that all up into a nice love/baseball metaphor for me? I’ll be over here with the Cracker Jack.


May 20

“I wish transporters were real!”

Filed under: Treats — posted by Maria @ 10:17 pm

Country music-worthy metaphors, sci-fi, sex tapes, even Disney: This one is up there with the best breakup letters EVER.


Looking for love in all the same places

Filed under: Psychology,TV — posted by Maria @ 4:14 pm

For those of you in a re-relationship like mine, it turns out we are not the freaks our friends try to make us out to be. In fact there’s an entire subset of relationships — with their own TV role models, of course — that have risen from the very ashes of their own breakups. (Again, and again, and again.)

According to a recent article in the Contra Costa Times, the cycle of breaking up and making up with the same person — you know, in the inimitable words of Charlene: “That man you fought with this morning, the same one you’re going to make love to tonight” — has a lot to do with our biological makeup, our fears of being alone, and, in some “extreme” cases, an addiction to the “I love, I mean hate, I mean LOVE you” drama.

Lisa Gray, a marriage and family therapist, says: “[These couples] get addicted to that up and down of emotion. The more quiet, stable love is not really cultivated as something to be respected. Just watch the common TV shows. These loud breakups-and-get-back-togethers are what get the attention.”

If that’s the case, I, for one, would be perfectly happy to spend the rest of my life never getting any attention ever again. Quiet, stable love, where are you?

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